Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Arrives!

Well I cannot believe its already August! Where has the summer (and year, for that matter) gone? I have so many things going on this month, its nuts...
This weekend: a wedding on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday
Next weekend: a game night party at Chris and Danielle's house and Lauren moving into town (and therefore Kevin and I helping her) on Sunday
The following weekend: another baby shower on Saturday
And the last weekend: Maria's 25th bday party on Saturday
All that plus Kevin has softball every Sunday evening AND continuing to try to get everything in the house cleaned/put away/put in order. It is just plain madness!

My lovely parents, sister, and her boyfriend came over this past Sunday and helped put up all the blinds. It is so nice to not have to hide in the shadows when getting dressed each day and I am hoping it will help on our energy costs as well. What totally sucked, however, is that I spent a large part of this past Saturday cleaning the entire house and then when they put up the blinds, dust/wall shavings got everywhere...so now I need to vacuum and dust all over again! Oh well, it was definitely worth it!

I will definitely get to posting pictures of the house ASAP/this week...my days are so busy between work, dinner, cleaning/laundry/etc. and, today (and hopefully most weekdays in the future) the gym! Yes, ladies and gents, I FINALLY got back to the gym today! I worked decently hard, but also didn't push myself tooooo much due to the fact that its been probably two months since my last workout. I will most likely be sore tomorrow...which is always a sign of a good workout but also kinda sucks, haha.

Alright, time to end this since one of my (many!) guilty pleasures, Pretty Little Liars, has just begun :)

<3 Jenni

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