Monday, November 14, 2011

Hospital Stay

Well its been awhile, yet again, since my last post. This update will be regarding my recent health issues and overnight hospital stay.

But let me start at the night before (which was Saturday, November 5th). A group of us went out to celebrate Venessas birthday. She decided she wanted it to be Royal Wedding themed, so all the girls wore fascinators and the boys wore top hats! Here are a few pictures of our getups!

Lo, me, Maria, and Venessa before going out for the night

Kev and I

Well, at one drunken point of the night, I took a major spill (due to drunkeness, really no one else's fault but my own). My arm hurt terribly from it, but I was stubborn and instead of leaving the fun and getting it checked out, I continued to party the night away.

When I woke up the next morning, it still hurt and was also really swollen. I took some 800 ibuprofen and went on my way. Awhile later, I took another 800 ibuprofen. Around noon, my stomach was hurting and my arm was still in pain, swollen, and also starting to bruise. A lot of probing from Kevin and my family led me and Kevin to the Kaiser emergency room. I told them of both my arm issue and my stomach issue. They took some xrays as well as a not so pleasant test to find out if I was bleeding internally, and I was. They said the arm was not broken, but were very concerned that I had ulcers that were bleeding and I was admitted to the hospital and that they would be doing an endoscopy the following day to check my intestines/stomach.

That evening Kevin and my parents stayed with me (my parents left around 8 and Kevin stayed as long as visiting hours allowed-which was 9). I had a rough night of being constantly woken up to take vitals and blood as well as getting a roommate around midnight (an elderly lady, not sure why she was in the hospital). I was told in the morning that I should be getting the endoscopy around 9 am so I called Kevin and he rushed over. My mom came back to the hospital a little while later.

A hospital doctor came in to my room in the midst of this asking me about everything and decided to look back over the xrays. He found out I actually had a very small fracture on the radial head of my right arm (elbow area). But that due to how minor it was, it would not need to be casted.

Lots and lots of waiting occured and I didn't actually get taken to get the endoscopy until after 2 pm. Oh and this WHOLE time I was not allowed to eat or drink anything and was hooked up to IV fluids.

I don't remember much after waking up from the procedure other than my tongue and throat feeling numb. They wheeled me back to my room (with Kevin and my mom at my side) and I promptly fell asleep. They woke me up a little later to go over the findings and let me know I was going to be released that evening.

The results were as follows: several "linear" (as opposed to round) ulcers most likely caused by a lot of alcohol Saturday night mixed with lots of ibuprofen the following morning. The bleeding was not too excessive and would stop on its own (if it hadn't already).

I now have to take prilosec prior to two meals each day for at least a month. They recommend I don't use ibuprofen or any NSAIDS whatsoever in the future (and can therefore only take Tylenol). They also said I really should not drink at all, especially for the next few months. After that, I still should not drink in excess (ie: to the point of being "drunk") but it won't kill me to have a drink here and there.

I had a follow up visit the next day (Tuesday, November 7th) and the doctor reiterated the no NSAIDS or alcohol. She also told me that I didn't have to wear the sling I was given in the hospital 24/7 and that I could still work but to do some exercises to prevent my elbow healing incorrectly as well as Tylenol and ice, as needed.

About a week later, my stomach pain is gone, but my arm is still sore and pretty bruised. I am just grateful that it wasn't anything too serious.

And just in case you wanna be grossed out, here are a few pictures of my bruised arm (taken sometime last week):

The pictures do not do the bruise justice. It is MUCH nastier-looking in person. Oh and here's one of my other arm, looking like I am an IV drug user thanks to the IV and numerous blood draws:

So...yeah...that's what's been going on with me!

In more fun news, my baby sister turns 21 on Wednesday and we are throwing her a party at our favorite bar (FLB) this Friday night! Kinda sucks I won't be able to drink with her on her 21st, but obviously my health is more important. And a week from Wednesday, we (my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, Kevin, and I) will be in Disneyland!!! We are going to be down there Wednesday through Saturday. Wednesday we will be at California Adventure, Thursday and Friday we will be at Disneyland, and Saturday we will drive home. Thursday, as you may realize, is Thanksgiving Day, so that evening we will be having a special Thanksgiving dinner buffet at the resort! Definitely looking forward to this weekend and next week!

Alright, time to rest (this has been a VERY hectic Monday)!

<3 Jenni

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pooh's Blustery Day

Wow I haven't updated in awhile, huh? Mostly due to not feeling like I had anything interesting to say but also due to busy-ness and laziness...And I feel like we went from summer to has been very cold and VERY windy...and I think it is only going to get colder (and rainy) this week!

Saturday evening a group of us went out on the town all dressed up. We had a great time! Then last night a few friends came over for dinner, Apples to Apples, and passing out candy to the VERY FEW trick or treaters that we had in our neighborhood. Life lately has just been a lot of enjoying time with Kevin and our friends. Here are a few pictures from Saturday night:

Kevin aka Hulk Hogan, me aka a peacock, Venessa aka a Parisian Showgirl, and Dustin aka a teletubby

Just Nessa and I

The back of my costume

My love and I :)

Venessa, Sarah (who didn't dress up but promised she would next year), and I

Anddd...that's all...I seriously feel like I have nothing to say...I apologize in advance if I don't update for awhile again...though my sister's 21st bday is this month, as well as our family (plus boyfriends) trip to Disneyland so I definitely will have some pictures to post later in the month.

Off to do laundry (and waste time on Pinterest)!

<3 Jenni