Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

Well, my 3 day weekend was fabulous, but that means today at work was INSANE! So worth the great weekend though. Here's the breakdown:

Friday night I went out on the town (downtown Sacramento) with my friend, Venessa, and a few of her coworkers:

We had a few drinks and danced the night away!

On Saturday morning, my baby sister headed off to Sonoma to begin her college life there with her best friend, Cassie (she went to a local junior college for a few years first). I miss her already! Luckily, she will be home soon for our trip to Cabo :)

Saturday early afternoon, Kevin and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides with some friends and had a great time! Then he and I hung around until my friend Lauren arrived that evening! We went out that night to dinner and two different bars...unfortunately, all those pictures are on her camera and she hasn't sent them to me yet, so nothing from that night to show right now.

Sunday morning we slept in until about 11 then headed over to check on the house progress:

It is almost ready to be stucco-ed! Side note on house progress: I spoke with our Sales Consultant, Debbie (who's faaaaabulous by the way) this morning and she said we should be closing escrow and getting our keys by the end of July!!! So beyond excited!

Okay after the house bit, Lauren and I laid outside and got our tan on while Kevin took a nap. Later that night, we headed over to our friend, Maria's, house to BBQ with lotsa friends! We had a lot of fun but didn't stay too late because we were still tired from the night before and had plans to head to the mall the next morning before Lauren drove home to Fresno.

So yesterday, Lauren, my mom, and I headed to the mall and spent all day shopping and having a great time! I didn't buy much, just new makeup from Bare Escentuals, a brown under tank from Nordstrom BP, and a really cute summer dress from Forever 21 (didn't take pics-sorry!). After that, Lauren headed home to Fresno :( I miss her already! But I will visit her soon (and she will be back here soon as well). Kevin came over after she left and he and I went out to a nice dinner and later got some ColdStone...the whole weekend was reaaally bad in the food department, but that's okay! Back on top today!

Work today was crazy busy and felt even worse than a Monday, but its all good! This evening, I need to finish up some cleaning, then I am heading out to celebrate a friend's (Megan) birthday! I am definitely not staying out too late because I am exhausted from the weekend and have to be up early tomorrow for work.

Hope everyone else out there in cyber space had a great Memorial Day, too!

<3 Jenni

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost 3 Day Weekend Time!

I could not be more stoked that this weekend will be a three day weekend and that Lo (my out of town friend) is coming to visit! Expect some fun pictures next week of all our adventures out on the town!

This will just be a short and sweet post...just waiting on my phone to send pictures to my email so I can put them on here...only problem is that cell service sucks at my house so MMS-ing takes foreverrrrrrrrr!!!

...okay here we go:

Picture of a picture of my new bedding :)

Wall clock for my living room (still in the packaging until I move)

Alrighty...just had to show my fun stuff! Probably won't post much else in the way of decor until after I move in :)

<3 Jenni

And the Winner is...

Yayyy Scotty! I thought Lauren was slightly better and slightly more likely to win, but I was obviously wrong! Highlights of the show (in my opinion):

  • TLC (minus the L :( ) performance
  • Tim McGraw (with Scotty)
  • Carrie Underwood (with Lauren)
  • AND Lauren and Scotty kissing at the end!!! I have wanted them to be a couple for a few weeks now!!!
Okay, enough of my American Idol talk. Yesterday, I totally sabotaged myself and ate waaaay too much and waaay too poorly! And of course, didn't work out. Ugh, I know one bad day won't ruin everything but it makes me feel weak! Plus, I typically don't do well on weekends so its not just one day, its one MORE day. Today is going well so far food-wise and I am DEFINITELY going to the gym after work and then maybe walking with my mom again as well.

Something I did do yesterday-went to Macy's to get some towels and the bedding I have been lusting over for awhile now, because they were having a sale! Plus I had a coupon for 15% off...Was going to try to post a picture of the bedding because it is adorable, but for some reason I can't find it on their website and I'm not at home to take a picture of it in the bag (as I am not going to put it on my bed until we move into the house). Hmm...I will have to try to remember to take a picture next time I'm home, and hopefully a picture of the picture on the bag will do it justice!

Until next time!

<3 Jenni

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 2!

Well, I don't typically follow American Idol too closely, but for some reason, I have been this season. My two favorites from pretty much the beginning of the season (auditions and Hollywood week) are the two that have made it to the top 2...I am currently watching the show and they're both doing great so far. I think Lauren is going to end up winning, though, which I am totally fine with (I mean, did you see those adorable, sparkly boots she was wearing and then the short Belle [from Beauty and the Beast] looking dress?!?!)!

In other news, I went to the gym today and had a pretty good cardio and strength training workout, then later in the evening, my mom and I went for a long walk. Maybe I will be in okay shape by the time we leave for Cabo...but doubtful lol. Should've been better for the last few months. Oh well, we shall see what happens!

One of my best friends from college is coming to visit this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Last time I went to her hometown, I was there visiting another good friend most of the time, so I didn't get to spend too much time with her. Plus, this will be her first time visiting my hometown. Hopefully I can show her a good time!

Alright, gonna finish watching Idol! Goodnight!

<3 Jenni

Monday, May 23, 2011

Typical Monday!

Well, hello! Obviously, I never got around to updating the blog on Friday (or any other time throughout the weekend for that matter). I honestly didn't do much this weekend at all so there's no real reason, other than I didn't get around to it. Haha!

Friday night before beginning my house sitting job, I went to dinner with my parents and this is what I wore:

Black T-Shirt with Gold Grommets: Victoria's Secret P!nk
Denim Capris: 7 for All Mankind
Shoes: Beverly Johnson
Bangles: Forever 21
Ring: Given to me by a friend

Close up of the shoes (because they're so fabulous, in my opinion):

It is kinda hard to see the outfit all that well, as the pictures were taken quickly with my phone, but you get the gist. It was honestly kinda a boring outfit, except for the shoes, lol.

I had another salad this weekend! It had apples, chicken, and candied walnuts in it (along with the obvious lettuce, carrots, etc.)...no dressing. I will continue to be adventurous and try to eat more salads. I didn't really work out this weekend at all, but we did the Relay for Life...my mile or so of it was walked at a leisurely pace though so it didn't really count much for a workout.

We didn't go look at the house progress this weekend, so no new pictures for that. Kevin is going for the "frame walk" on Wednesday though! It seems to be coming along pretty quickly which I am so happy about! But we do still have tons of stuff to buy! Buying a house has soooo many expenses besides just the house itself, its crazy! ...but so worth it, obviously!

Other than that, today is just a typical Monday...work work and more work! And will most likely be going to the gym and tanning after I get off (if you can't tone it, tan it!). Cabo is only 18 days away! Alright time to finish lunch and get back to work!

<3 Jenni

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Little Bee!

Just a quick post to say that this week has been insanely busy - both at work and afterwards...so I haven't had much time to update...

Friday night I will be house sitting for a friend and will probably have time to do a real update then. Kevin will be coming to help late that night, after he gets off work, and we will be house sitting through Sunday. Saturday we are working and walking at the Relay for Life in the morning, so my recent Saturday morning gym routine will not be happening, but I will get some nice exercise in anyway! :)

Catch ya later!

<3 Jenni

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer fruit!

Just a quick post to show you the delicious fruit salad I had as part of my lunch...

Ps...I'm posting this from the Blogger app on my phone so I'm hoping it worked correctly!

<3 Jenni

Monday, May 16, 2011

New and improved!

Well for almost a year now, I've hardly been able to see anything on my computer screen...you see, one day I accidentally stepped on it and some black "hole" appeared...throughout the months its gotten worse. I finally decided I could not stand it anymore and went out and bought a new laptop this evening (after looking/researching over the weekend). So this post comes to you from my NEW Toshiba Satellite (my messed up computer is an older Toshiba Satellite)!!! I can see the whole screen!!!!!! Its seriously amazing.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to update about my new computer, and the house progress...

Front of the house, photo taken 5/15

Back of the house, taken 5/15

Okay, gonna go play with my new computer a little more :)

<3 Jenni

Just another manic Monday!

Mondays are by far my least favorite day of the week...but then again most people feel the same way! The only way for me to get a Monday started correctly is with this:

Venti Iced Green Tea, no syrup, 3 Splenda!

Well I had a good, busy weekend! We went and looked at the progress on the house, and the second story is up! I need to upload the pictures I took to my home computer from my camera, and then I will post the progress.

I went to the gym Saturday, for the second Saturday in a row, which is quite an accomplishment as I typically do horribly food and exercise wise on the weekends. Kevin worked overtime both last Saturday and the one before it, so I didn't have anything better to do...plus I did not go out either of those Friday nights, so no hangover to use as an excuse not to work out. I also ate fairly well on Saturday, but yesterday was lots of junk food. I am back on track for today though.

Typically this time of year, here in Sacramento, the weather is sunny and in the 80's...beautiful, basically! Friday was the last day, for almost a week that the weather was nice, so I wore a cute summery outfit:
Gray shirt- Random hole in the wall cheap store
Under shirt (can't really see it)- Target
Denim skirt- Hollister (have had it for years and am surprised it even still fits)
Sandals- DSW
Watch- Guess

Saturday was cloudy, windy, and cool. Yesterday it was crazy thunderstorms and rain and cold! And today and the next few days are supposed to be cold and rainy as well...Hopefully once that's over with, we get onto real springy/summery weather, so I can wear cute outfits! I never have any motivation to look cute when the weather is BLAH (which in turn makes me feel BLAH 'cause I am not dressed well)!

Coming up in a future post (when I can gather enough pictures) will be the many hair colors/styles I've had over the years! It is always changing! And of course, pictures of the house progress! Stay tuned!

<3 Jenni

Friday, May 13, 2011

Take 1!

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging. To be honest, I have NO idea what I'm doing and wish I was even nearly as witty and well-spoken as the ladies in the other blogs I've read. Hopefully, I will get better with time!

I do not want to bore you with allll the details of my life, so I will keep it short and sweet. I love fashion and wish I had more creativity and ability in that department, but I do try my best with limited funds. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from CSU Fresno. To be honest, I chose the major because Psychology was the only class in junior college I enjoyed. You really can't do much with a Bachelor's in this subject and I currently have no plans to go back to school for my Master's degree because I really don't enjoy school very much. I am California born and raised and I sincerely believe it is the best place to live! I have great friends and an amazing family; an overall extremely enjoyable life.

I am in a relationship with an amazing man (finally met him after many not so amazing men) and he is in the process of purchasing a home that we will live in together (but both currently live with our parents). It is in the building process right now. We went and visited our home last weekend and this is what it looks like right now:

Be prepared to see many posts of the construction of the home in the future!

I am going to Cabo next month with my parents and sister and cannot wait! I have been trying to get back into a "bikini" body for this trip, but it really isn't happening. I have spurts of eating well and working out often, followed by spurts of eating like crap and using every excuse in the book to avoid the gym. It was so much easier when I was 18! It is definitely crunch time now, so hopefully the procrastination of the past few months will serve as motivation from now until the day we leave.

I am the world's pickiest eater (well, tied with my sister) but have sloooowly started to get better over the years. I even had some salad with my dinner yesterday (a huge accomplishment as I pretty much hate all veggies)!

I'm not sure how often I will be updating this blog, but hopefully often enough to make it worth all the effort it was to create it! Feel free to ask me anything (and depending on the question, I may or may not answer ;) )!

...until next time!

<3 Jenni