Monday, May 23, 2011

Typical Monday!

Well, hello! Obviously, I never got around to updating the blog on Friday (or any other time throughout the weekend for that matter). I honestly didn't do much this weekend at all so there's no real reason, other than I didn't get around to it. Haha!

Friday night before beginning my house sitting job, I went to dinner with my parents and this is what I wore:

Black T-Shirt with Gold Grommets: Victoria's Secret P!nk
Denim Capris: 7 for All Mankind
Shoes: Beverly Johnson
Bangles: Forever 21
Ring: Given to me by a friend

Close up of the shoes (because they're so fabulous, in my opinion):

It is kinda hard to see the outfit all that well, as the pictures were taken quickly with my phone, but you get the gist. It was honestly kinda a boring outfit, except for the shoes, lol.

I had another salad this weekend! It had apples, chicken, and candied walnuts in it (along with the obvious lettuce, carrots, etc.) dressing. I will continue to be adventurous and try to eat more salads. I didn't really work out this weekend at all, but we did the Relay for mile or so of it was walked at a leisurely pace though so it didn't really count much for a workout.

We didn't go look at the house progress this weekend, so no new pictures for that. Kevin is going for the "frame walk" on Wednesday though! It seems to be coming along pretty quickly which I am so happy about! But we do still have tons of stuff to buy! Buying a house has soooo many expenses besides just the house itself, its crazy! ...but so worth it, obviously!

Other than that, today is just a typical work and more work! And will most likely be going to the gym and tanning after I get off (if you can't tone it, tan it!). Cabo is only 18 days away! Alright time to finish lunch and get back to work!

<3 Jenni

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