Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another manic Monday!

Mondays are by far my least favorite day of the week...but then again most people feel the same way! The only way for me to get a Monday started correctly is with this:

Venti Iced Green Tea, no syrup, 3 Splenda!

Well I had a good, busy weekend! We went and looked at the progress on the house, and the second story is up! I need to upload the pictures I took to my home computer from my camera, and then I will post the progress.

I went to the gym Saturday, for the second Saturday in a row, which is quite an accomplishment as I typically do horribly food and exercise wise on the weekends. Kevin worked overtime both last Saturday and the one before it, so I didn't have anything better to I did not go out either of those Friday nights, so no hangover to use as an excuse not to work out. I also ate fairly well on Saturday, but yesterday was lots of junk food. I am back on track for today though.

Typically this time of year, here in Sacramento, the weather is sunny and in the 80's...beautiful, basically! Friday was the last day, for almost a week that the weather was nice, so I wore a cute summery outfit:
Gray shirt- Random hole in the wall cheap store
Under shirt (can't really see it)- Target
Denim skirt- Hollister (have had it for years and am surprised it even still fits)
Sandals- DSW
Watch- Guess

Saturday was cloudy, windy, and cool. Yesterday it was crazy thunderstorms and rain and cold! And today and the next few days are supposed to be cold and rainy as well...Hopefully once that's over with, we get onto real springy/summery weather, so I can wear cute outfits! I never have any motivation to look cute when the weather is BLAH (which in turn makes me feel BLAH 'cause I am not dressed well)!

Coming up in a future post (when I can gather enough pictures) will be the many hair colors/styles I've had over the years! It is always changing! And of course, pictures of the house progress! Stay tuned!

<3 Jenni

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