Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

Well, my 3 day weekend was fabulous, but that means today at work was INSANE! So worth the great weekend though. Here's the breakdown:

Friday night I went out on the town (downtown Sacramento) with my friend, Venessa, and a few of her coworkers:

We had a few drinks and danced the night away!

On Saturday morning, my baby sister headed off to Sonoma to begin her college life there with her best friend, Cassie (she went to a local junior college for a few years first). I miss her already! Luckily, she will be home soon for our trip to Cabo :)

Saturday early afternoon, Kevin and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides with some friends and had a great time! Then he and I hung around until my friend Lauren arrived that evening! We went out that night to dinner and two different bars...unfortunately, all those pictures are on her camera and she hasn't sent them to me yet, so nothing from that night to show right now.

Sunday morning we slept in until about 11 then headed over to check on the house progress:

It is almost ready to be stucco-ed! Side note on house progress: I spoke with our Sales Consultant, Debbie (who's faaaaabulous by the way) this morning and she said we should be closing escrow and getting our keys by the end of July!!! So beyond excited!

Okay after the house bit, Lauren and I laid outside and got our tan on while Kevin took a nap. Later that night, we headed over to our friend, Maria's, house to BBQ with lotsa friends! We had a lot of fun but didn't stay too late because we were still tired from the night before and had plans to head to the mall the next morning before Lauren drove home to Fresno.

So yesterday, Lauren, my mom, and I headed to the mall and spent all day shopping and having a great time! I didn't buy much, just new makeup from Bare Escentuals, a brown under tank from Nordstrom BP, and a really cute summer dress from Forever 21 (didn't take pics-sorry!). After that, Lauren headed home to Fresno :( I miss her already! But I will visit her soon (and she will be back here soon as well). Kevin came over after she left and he and I went out to a nice dinner and later got some ColdStone...the whole weekend was reaaally bad in the food department, but that's okay! Back on top today!

Work today was crazy busy and felt even worse than a Monday, but its all good! This evening, I need to finish up some cleaning, then I am heading out to celebrate a friend's (Megan) birthday! I am definitely not staying out too late because I am exhausted from the weekend and have to be up early tomorrow for work.

Hope everyone else out there in cyber space had a great Memorial Day, too!

<3 Jenni

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