Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the Winner is...

Yayyy Scotty! I thought Lauren was slightly better and slightly more likely to win, but I was obviously wrong! Highlights of the show (in my opinion):

  • TLC (minus the L :( ) performance
  • Tim McGraw (with Scotty)
  • Carrie Underwood (with Lauren)
  • AND Lauren and Scotty kissing at the end!!! I have wanted them to be a couple for a few weeks now!!!
Okay, enough of my American Idol talk. Yesterday, I totally sabotaged myself and ate waaaay too much and waaay too poorly! And of course, didn't work out. Ugh, I know one bad day won't ruin everything but it makes me feel weak! Plus, I typically don't do well on weekends so its not just one day, its one MORE day. Today is going well so far food-wise and I am DEFINITELY going to the gym after work and then maybe walking with my mom again as well.

Something I did do yesterday-went to Macy's to get some towels and the bedding I have been lusting over for awhile now, because they were having a sale! Plus I had a coupon for 15% off...Was going to try to post a picture of the bedding because it is adorable, but for some reason I can't find it on their website and I'm not at home to take a picture of it in the bag (as I am not going to put it on my bed until we move into the house). Hmm...I will have to try to remember to take a picture next time I'm home, and hopefully a picture of the picture on the bag will do it justice!

Until next time!

<3 Jenni

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