Monday, August 8, 2011

A sad, busy, loooong day!

This morning, I awoke to the very sad news that a family friend had passed away around 4:30 this morning. He was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago now and due to overly high calcium levels, among other things, he passed early this morning. To add to the sadness, today is his son's birthday. I know he is now in a much better place, no longer in pain, and is looking down on us, but its very sad to me...and I can't even imagine how his family feels. Please send good wishes and prayers.

Work today was super crazy busy and long...I didn't get outta there until about 6:45. Due to the sadness of our friend's passing and the frustrating day at work, I decided to treat myself to In-n-Out for dinner, despite the fact that it put me about 200 calories over my daily goal AND I'm not working out today. I've done very well food and exercise-wise the past week, so I know one day won't kill me.

Saturday, we went to a wedding (as I mentioned we'd be doing in a previous post) and had a great time with great are a few photos from the day/night:

our adorable name cards!


beautiful cake&adorable cake topper

During the wedding, the couple had a interesting take on the "clinking the glasses so the bride and groom kiss" thing...each time the glasses were clinked, guest couple's names were pulled and the guest couple had to kiss...then the bride and groom had to kiss the same way. Guess who the first couple was! Yup, Kev and I! Unfortunately, no one got a decent picture of it :( It was funny though to see all the couples and some of the older couples REALLY got into it!

And Sunday was my friend, Tierra's baby shower:

Me, Tierra (and her baby bump!), Shannon, & Maria

Well, Tierra and Shannon are coming over tomorrow evening to check out the new house and catch up (besides yesterday's baby shower I haven't hung out with either of them in awhile), so I need to do some tidy-ing up and dishes!

<3 Jenni


dandcdavis said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Definitely praying for the family!

Hahaha, what a cute idea! I wish someone got a picture of you two smooching!!

Jenni said...

thanks, love!

i know, me too! it happened so fast no one had their camera out in time for the smooch! it was a cute one, though!