Monday, August 15, 2011

Looooong day!

Well I had quite a busy weekend as well as a busy Monday at work!

Friday: got off work late, then headed over to Maria and Karl's house to have dinner and hang out with good friends.

Saturday: Kev and I spent allll day cleaning the inside of the house as well as working on cleaning out the garage with the intention of me finally being able to park inside of it. Unfortunately, despite all the work we put in, I still can't park in there :( It is now about half way cleaned out, so hopefully we will get some time this weekend to finish it up. We filled our trash can to the BRIM as well as our recycle bin. Neither bin can fit an ounce more. Luckily, trash will be picked up Wednesday morning. We have a few bags of trash that wouldn't fit and are still sitting in the garage. In the evening, we headed up to Maria's parents house for a fun night of drinking and beer pong with friends.

Kev and I kickin' back

and a photo of all the girls :)

We headed home around midnight and poor Kevin had to be up at 5:30 to work an overtime shift from 6-11.

Sunday: After Kevin got home from work we headed over to Lauren's new apartment to help her settle in! Then we went to Ernesto's (one of my favorite Mexican restaurants) for lunch. After that, we hit up Target so she could get some stuff for her apartment. Kev and I got a few things for our house as well. Then we headed over to my parent's house for dinner and then to Kevin's softball game. They lost in the last inning :( We got home around 10:00 and I headed straight to bed and passed right out!

I didn't make  it to the gym this evening because I didn't get home from work until after 7 and needed to eat some dinner and just needed to relax! I plan on going tomorrow after work, as I should be home no later than 5:30. After the gym, I've got to go grocery shopping for a few necessities to make lunches for the man and I this week. Then we will hopefully go full on grocery shopping this weekend to get other stuff we need. I also need to hit up Babies R Us this week to get a gift for some good friends who are having a baby shower on Saturday! It is a co-ed baby shower and should be a lot of fun!

When we were cleaning out the garage on Saturday, we came across a Giants trash can so I mentioned in passing that we should put it in our extra upstairs bathroom as it had no trash can in it (and nothing else in it either)...I kinda joked it could be an extension of Kevin's "Giants room." I come downstairs a little later and he told me he had just finished buying a Giants shower curtain online. So that settled it! So at Target we bought some black and orange towels and a black soap the man cave also includes a man cave bathroom! As soon as the curtain comes and is put up, I will post a picture :)

Alright, gotta catch up on some shows, make Kevin's lunch for tomorrow, and then hit the hay!

<3 Jenni

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