Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okay, so its not technically "Jersday" as that is on Thursdays...BUT I am just finally catching up on this weeks episode of The Shore, sooo today is MY Jersday :)

This week at work was crazy as ever, but I still love it there! It can be frustrating at times not knowing everything in such a busy office, but everyone is still super helpful. OH! Crazy thing though! Last Saturday, the office was robbed! The broke in via our glass door and broke open our safe and took all the cash from it. No computers or dental equipment or anything else was taken. We have surveillance cameras so the suspects were caught on tape and currently the police are investigating. I guess the same thing happened to one of our other offices a few days we all think its an inside job and the two incidents are related. No real word yet though.

Today's outfit (please ignore the ugly pony tail as I was headed off to get my hair cut and colored...

Please also ignore the weird purple spots...something is messed up on the lens of my phone's camera.

Brown under shirt: Nordstrom BP

Coral other under shirt: had forever I don't know lol

Cream button up shirt: Guess

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Sandals: Target

Jewelry: assorted cheap places...I've had most of it for awhile

Today instead of having my hairstylist straighten my hair after she colored and cut it, I asked her to curl it and she agreed...I wish I could do this myself but anytime I've tried, it just does NOT go well....


Alrighty...not much else is new and I am gonna relax a bit before getting ready and heading to Maria's 25th birthday party!

<3 Jenni

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