Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stunna Shades

Almost Cabo time! I got a ton of packing today...pretty much all clothes, shoes, accessories are packed so all I have left are such things as toiletries, my camera, laptop, etc. Today after dinner the fam and I headed to Kohl's cause my mom, sister, and I all wanted to get some cheap-y sunglasses (so we don't bring our nice ones and lose, break, etc. them) and my dad needed some swim trunks.

Me and my sister in the car in our new stunna shades!
(Mine are Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and I think her's are Vera Wang for Kohl's...could be wrong though)

Just gotta get through work tomorrow then its time for pedicures with my mom and sister, last minute packing, etc...and then off we gooooo! Not sure yet if I will be updating before I leave (or while I'm there, though I may since I will have my laptop) if you don't hear from me for awhile, you know where I'll be! :)

<3 Jenni


californiadreamin said...

LOVE your shades. That LC knows what she's doing

Jenni said...

Thanks! Yes she does! (Still can't figure out why I can't "reply" to comments and instead have to make a whole new comment)