Friday, June 24, 2011

Hellooooo weekend!

Quick outfit and new hair pics :)

Before getting my hair done this afternoon, I ran a few errands (car wash, tanning)'s the summery little outfit I wore (I apologize in advance for the photos as photos taken from a phone and emailed to myself to open on my computer just don't ever seem to be great quality):

Tank: Old Navy
Brown Under Tank: Nordstrom BP
Jean Cutoff Shorts: Lucky Jeans (purchased on sale)
Sandals: Target
Bangles: Forever 21 (I think)
Purse: Carlos Santana (purchased at Macy's, also on sale)
I also apologize for not taking a close up of the tank as I now realize it's hard to see the abstract-type pattern

(Close up of the purse cause I love it...but the pictures really don't do it justice)

And my new hair...more brown than red (as it was before) and darker underneath than on top

No plans for the rest of the evening as my hair took longer than I expected so Shannon and I rescheduled our dessert and drinks date we had for the night...I was hoping the boyfriend would get off work early tonight, but seeing that its already almost 10:00 I guess that isn't happening! Sooo...I will just be relaxing for the rest of the night! :)

<3 Jenni

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