Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A better update

Alright I have a little bit of time before bed so I will do a better Cabo - and life - update...first off, some pics of the trip (with some descriptions):

This is the view my sister and I had from our balcony

My mom, me, and my sister on the beach after dinner the first night

My sister and I lounging by the pool on day two in our floppy hats

"Los Arcos"...we took a glass bottom boat tour and part of it included a drive around the famed rock formation...fun fact: the beach looking area is usually covered by water, except every 5 or 6 years due to tides (and some other stuff probably I don't remember though)...kinda cool we saw it the rare way!

Family photo on Lover's Beach (a stop on the glass bottom boat tour)

View of the Cabo Marina from a balcony in a shopping area we went to

We also took a horseback ride on the beach one day! I was actually really nervous to do this cause I am not a huge fan of riding on large animals, but it was actually quite nice!

My sister and I before dinner one night

Yard sticks at Senor Frogs

Another pre-dinner picture

And saying goodbye :(

We had a great time-did a few fun things, did some shopping and did a lot of lounging/relaxing/tanning and eating! I came back with a two pound or so weight gain...but it is what it is! Got back into the gym and trying to eat better routine this week so hopefully it (and more!) will be gone soon.

In other news...we got our 30 day notice for the house today! We will get our keys on or before July 21st!!! Haven't seen the house in awhile due to being gone and this last weekend being super busy, but I am hoping to go check it out this weekend. Then on Friday the 1st, we have our pre-carpet walk through (meaning it is literally complete except the carpet). It will be my first time actually going in the house (Kevin "went in" on the frame walk a few weeks back) and I am so excited! Will definitely take lotsa pics!

That's about all the news I've got for now and I wanna try to get to bed early tonight because I didn't fall asleep until 11 or so last night. Toodles!

<3 Jenni


californiadreamin said...

DAYUM girl, you look smokin!

Jenni said...

Aww thanks :)