Friday, June 3, 2011

Dinner with a Friend

This evening, I had the pleasure of having a dinner with a dear friend, Shannon. We just ate, had a drink, and talked. She's an amazing friend and we could have conversations for hours about anything, everything, and nothing. I have had a long week and have to get up early in the morning though, so we cut it a little short and now I am home relaxing before bed (and watching this strange special on TLC called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding")...just wanted to do an outfit post :)

Purple Shirt-Target
Black Under Tank-Target
Jeans-Miss Me
Bangle-its old I really don't remember

Close up of the pattern on the shirt (it is supposed to look wrinkled/folded like that)

And a close up (kinda) of the Uggs

Alright, this show is intriguing so I am gonna pay some more attention to it, then its off to bed for this early riser :)

<3 Jenni

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