Saturday, July 9, 2011


So I completed my first week at my new job yesterday...and what a week it was! There is still SO MUCH to learn, but am starting to get into the groove and learning the new language I have to learn for a dental office. I've been told it will take me a few weeks to really feel like I understand what I'm learning, so I keep telling myself to chill when I freak out about not knowing enough. The girls in the office are all really nice. One of them, who's position is the same as mine, is named Jenny. We thought maybe it'd be a good idea to go by our middle names so as not to confuse the patients and whatnot...but we also both have the same middle name! What are the odds?

And some super fabulous news on the house!!! We get to sign closing documents tomorrow at 8:00 AM!!!!! Weird that they're able to do it on Sunday and ANNOYING that it is so early on a weekend, but it is worth it. Our final walk through will be Thursday morning and once we sign off on that (assuming we don't need them to fix/change anything), we should get our keys by the next day sometime! I am BEYOND excited! Sooooo many new things/changes going on in my life right now...kinda stressful, but also so exciting at the same time!

So...since I'm essentially probably moving NEXT weekend, I got a start on organizing, getting rid of, and boxing up stuff today (while Kevin is at a Giants game with some coworkers)...Went through tons of old pictures and school stuff and organized them all which took forever, but it was fun looking at all my old pictures! Also have been washing my new towels and new (EGYPTIAN COTTON!!!) sheets so they're ready for the new house...and of course boxing up some stuff that isn't already in boxes (my new dinnerware, pots and pans, etc. are still in their original boxes so I obviously didn't have to box up those types of things) Packing, moving things, and unpacking things are not my favorite pastimes, but the excitement of being in a new house with the man of my dreams makes it all a little better. :)

As far as working out goes, I have not done it a single time this week! Due to my new job being about an hour or more with traffic from my parents home (but only about 10-15 minutes from the new house), I just don't feel like I have time. I am so exhausted after the long workday and just would rather eat dinner with my family and relax before going to bed early to do it all over again. My eating was okay this week up until yesterday and today (it also seems to go decently well during the week and I just lose all focus on the weekends, something I definitely need to work MUCH harder on), but I just feel so bloated and blubbery and like I'm losing muscle tone due to no gym-age. Once we are moved though, and my gym is literally a block away and the bf working so much, I will seriously have nothing better to do after work than work my butt out! So hopefully, I will stop feeling so fat, and instead more fit, in the next few weeks, Hopefully is definitely the key word there.

Anywhoooo...time to figure out if I am doing anything this evening and if so, get ready to do whatever it may be, so I'm outta here!

<3 Jenni


californiadreamin said...

We have been packing too, I hate packing. Although I do love getting to throw stuff away and start fresh :) Oh so The Shred - it's circuit training. So think think jump squats or jumping jacks then lunges, then ab work. There are 3 levels and their each about 25 minutes so its quick and SUPER effective, trust on that ;) The Biggest Loser bootcamp is sorta the same thing, just not as intense. I use it as a form of cardio since we just cancelled our gym membership and its waaaay too hot outside. THere are 3 levels on that too. The longest level is 20 minutes :)

Jenni said...

oh sounds pretty good! and i like quick! i may have to check those out for use on days when i'm too lazy to get outta the house to get to the gym or do cardio outside. thanks for the info :)

dandcdavis said...

I have The Shred if you want to borrow it, Jenni. To see if you like it! I stil have that scale too! Your calfs (calves?) will KILL after doing just level 1 from...jumping jacks!

You are not fat even if you feel like it! I know what you mean though.

Karli, do you need boxes? I'm not sure you will even read this, lol. But I had some saved up for Jenni and she doesnt need them

Jenni said...

oh that would be awesome, dk, thank you!!! if you wanna come check out the house saturday or sunday, you're more than welcome and you could bring those things as well...or we can FINALLY do our pinkberry date! lol