Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend Recap (4 days later)!

Okay, first, before the recap...I have begun "pinning" on and let me say...I am officially addicted! I have a few different "boards" I've started, but the one with the most so far is "House Ideas." I lovelovelove looking at beautiful ideas for decorating my home! Especially because I feel its so plain right if only I had unlimited funds to put my ideas into action!

Moving on...

Friday night after work, Kevin and I had a nice dinner-just the two of us-at Outback. Then we headed to Old Sac to check out Evangeline's Costume Mansion (and picked up Lauren on the way)...Lo and I had a great time looking at all the fun Halloween stuff and getting ideas for what we want to be for decision yet though. After that, we met up with some friends at one of my favorite dive bars downtown, Golden Bear. Kev and I left around midnight because I had to be up early the next morning to head to Tahoe with Shannon and Chrissy.

The three of us had a blast eating, drinking, shopping, and gambling (just a little) in Tahoe. It was definitely a great way to say goodbye to Shannon as she left today for Seattle for school. I am really gonna miss her :( Here's some pictures from the day:

View from the deck of the Beacon where we had lunch and delicious rum runners

Shannon, me, and Chrissy at lunch (notice our rum runner cups are empty!)

We stopped at Sammy Hagar's bar, Cabo Wabo and he was there! (He had a concert in Tahoe later that evening)

After I got home from Tahoe, I took a shower and passed out very early as I had to be up early again Sunday for the Giants vs. Dodgers game. And the Giants won!!! :)

Venessa, me, and Chrissy tailgating before the game

Kevin and I during the tailgate <3

There was a BEAUTIFUL 9/11 remembrance ceremony prior to the game

God bless America!

And we ended the day at Chevy's on the bay :)

So that was that! My recap came just in time for the weekend to begin again! This weekend, though, for the first time in a LONG time, Kev and I don't have a million things we have to we will be spending the weekend cleaning, getting the garage completely cleaned out, grocery shopping, etc etc etc...oh and we have a guy coming out Saturday afternoon to give us an estimate on putting some concrete down in the backyard. I really hope its something we can afford as rainy season is about to start and I do NOT want to deal with a giant mud pit back there! Should be a nice, productive weekend!

Time to finish some laundry, shower, and get to bed!

<3 Jenni


dandcdavis said...

You've been so busy and having so much fun lately! LOVE Pinterest too. I really wish I invented it...dang

Jenni said...

omg yes busy as hell! we are still on for saturday evening though right? like i mentioned before, i should be home by 7