Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitchen Nightmare!

Story of my life...its been awhile since my last update...gimme a break, I'm a busy girl!

So after we moved into our house and finally got a refrigerator, we realized that the way the kitchen was designed made it so that when a fridge is in the fridge space, the dishwasher door cannot open all the about a pain in the ass, right? At our 30-day walk through, we informed our KB guy of this and he worked up different ideas of how to fix it. Once one was decided on, we scheduled for the kitchen "remodel" to begin...WELL it began on Wednesday and was supposed to be done by Friday. They were right on schedule until Friday when they had issues with the guy who was supposed to replace the flooring in that area...and those problems are still here, which means our kitchen is not complete. Right now, our fridge is plugged in (but not connected to a water line) in the middle of the kitchen. Our dining table and chairs are in the front entrance of the house. Basically its just a mess. They told Kev today they were thinking they wouldn't be able to complete the project for another two weeks due to not being able to get ahold of the right flooring.

My mom is throwing us a small, family and family friends, housewarming party this Sunday...sooo needless to say I am a tad frustrated. I talked to the dude about it today and he said he would do his best to have it completely done by Friday. If that is not possible, he will at least have someone come in and put the fridge back where it belongs/hook it up to the water line. Not my favorite option, but definitely better than what we've got going on now. UGHHHHH!!! Just ready for everything to be fixed and back to normal!

Work and my social life has been busy as ever which is stressful and fun at the same time. Definitely ready for a break though. I think that break should be coming after this weekend.

Anyhooodle...that's the craziness that has been my life to do some laundry and other things around the house!

<3 Jenni

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